Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh, gawd.

This stinks, and stinks big.  I heard about it from

The information flying around is bad enough to remind me of the scene in Top Secret! in which German Baddie #1 makes his phone connection and asks:  "What is the condition of Sergeant Krueger?"  (listens on phone) "Hm, I see...Very well, let me know if there is any change in his condition."  (hangs up, turns to Baddie #2 beside him)  "He's dead."

Posturing, reading through the above links, has already begun, and of course it'll get worse with all the bloody flags to wave about.  (The Brady Bunch are, after all, professionals at this.)

The big question is, of course:  is this a Reichstag event, or just another inevitable outcome of systematically removing every peaceable means of redress?  Truth is, we don't know yet--we've got to watch more circus before we can be sure.  Oh freakin' joy.

Since the "obvious" target was one of the Anointed Class, retribution (against each and every one of us Mundanes) is assured.  Whacking one of The Elected simply demands a response, and after all, we can't let a crisis go to waste, now can we?  Rahm?  Rahm?

And, wouldn't you know it, the ATF is lately on the rocks with scandal, and really could use some better press... gosh, it's so totally freaky how often that seems to happen--both the scandal, and the "rescuing event"--to the same agency.

I'm sure the Federal Gun Cops would be only too happy to intervene here, if there should be some sort of, you know, Federalizing connection discovered within the next few days.  After all, they do rather specialize in information that doesn't really make sense...


Kent McManigal said...

The feds will lie and kill in order to get what they want. But- not one more inch.

Anonymous said...

I think your analysis is dead on, Kevin, and I have linked here and said as much in my latest post.

Stay safe!