Monday, January 24, 2011

Snake oil on a soap box. Again.

I am reminded that tomorrow is the State Of The Union Lie To The Country address.

Oh joy.  Another in the endless series of sanctimonious lectures on how solving our problems consists of doing lots, lots more of what caused them in the first place.

No no, don't tell me, let me guess:  we need more government, and everything will be fine.  Yeah, so it's produced nothing but predictable misery, pointless division and unaccountable thuggery everywhere it's been tried--what's your point, ya heretic?  This time we've got it figured out--see, swell guys are in charge now, unlike any that we've seen before.  This time for sure!

Hip-wader up, ladies and gentlemen, and get ready to watch snake oil sold from a soap box.  Again.  (It must be January, or something.)


Kent McManigal said...

Hehe. No thanks. I'll ignore it yet again.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

I'm with ya, Kent. My boots are for wading through the aftermath, which will probably be shoved in our faces even moreso than the lecture itself.

(For anyone reading this who fancies that we'll get something different: you just go ahead and show us how it's in any way different than the above. You'd be the first.)

Anonymous said...

I made it through 15 minutes and gave up.

Snake oil on a soap box. I like it.

I linked here a few times tonight. Keep it up, Kevin.

WV= chikeri...reminded me of "chicanery", i.e. tonight's speech.