Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A polite reminder...

...that the Only Ones still, when it's all said and done, "serve" only at our pleasure.

(Yeah, I know it doesn't appear to be the US at all, but what of it?  The whole world is afflicted with Only Ones, and if you haven't noticed, they're the same everywhere you go.)

What's so amazing to me is how polite the public is, and continues to be, in the face of the continued abuse.

Here in the US at least, the posturing will be boilerplate, and of two entirely predictable styles:  1) the statist copsucker will say "it is never okay to resist authority, no matter what," and 2) the statist apologist-defeatist will say "here in the US, the militarized cops will simply kill everyone who resists, so it's pointless to resist authority, no matter what."  (If you're keeping track and wondering about the non-statists:  well, "as everyone knows", all such are known to be batshit crazy, irrelevant and anyway systemically expendable, and so don't factor in to the posturing.)

The result will be exactly as we know it now:  plaintive wailing from the thugocracy about improving their monopoly on force (as always, for "officer safety"), plaintive wailing from everyone invested in the failed political system that the only path to salvation is to continue to prop up the failed political system by any means necessary, and a further disconnect between that system (and its thug-enforcers) and the people it claims to represent afflicts.  (Those non-statists, what of them there are anyway, continue to blabber on about withdrawing support as an option that is actually different, but remember, they're kooks and can just be ignored.)

That pattern will continue--it certainly appears to work, after all--right up to the point at which what happens in the above video, happens here too.   

Thugs are advised to study the aspects of the above video that pertain to their continued claims of a monopoly on force.  (Hint:  if your conclusion is to better arm yourselves, you're not listening.  You can try, but it won't be enough.  Even in Pima County.)  This is a (very polite) learning experience that you would do well to appreciate.

Hat tip to Wendy McElroy and Claire Wolfe.