Sunday, June 4, 2017

Slowly plugging away.

Things have somewhat self-evidently been on substantial hiatus here for a while now, and that will most likely continue for a while longer.  I do miss the act of writing, and between Teh Stoopid and all the gunnie ideas there is certainly still plenty to discuss, but in the spirit of living freedom wherever possible, in preference to pining and theorizing over it, I have been making judicious use of the, uh, "extra" time, and I think that's been healthy for me.  The kids are such a blast right now, and making ends meet has continued to be a challenge, but slowly we are figuring it out...

Some days it's easier than others, but I'm trying to play the right long game.

And so, in the spirit of that thought, here is something I simply must promote, at least in principle:  helium beer.

Totally pointless.  The very definition of Because-I-Can.  Possible side benefits of mucking with voice-recognition systems...

What's not to like?