Monday, January 17, 2011

Attempt #2 for acknowledgement at CeaseFire Oregon...

As of this posting, no sign of this at CeaseFire Oregon's blog.  Other posts have continued to appear in the interim, including multiple responses to posts that appeared after my own, so I posted my own response again just now, including the following preamble:
Attempt #2: repeat test. I posted the following on Saturday at 11pm Alaska time, and have not yet seen it pass moderation, while other posts have since appeared. There is nothing in here which is either impolite (impolitic, perhaps, but not impolite), nor profane, nor threatening. For the moment, I am going to presume that the omission is not deliberate. Perhaps you are still working through the links.
Years of experience tell me that this is neither a simple omission nor a technical problem, as the pattern is so well-established as to be a cliche among cliches, but I will not risk drawing that conclusion in this case without the confirmation of further attempts.

I guess we'll see.

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