Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well how about that...

I was going over to CeaseFire Oregon's blog to post my "Attempt #3", not having seen anything show up since Attempt #2, when I noticed that Attempt #1 now actually is there. Dated and sorted with the original date and time.

Which makes it neatly invisible to anyone monitoring the end of the comment stream.

Was that deliberate?  Who knows.  I simply know that as of this writing there is no explication for that single comment, among 23, having that behavior. I'd been looking, over the last few days, and things were hovering at 22 comments for the thread, with the latest one posted 1/18 in the morning.  Then, tonight, suddenly there were 23 comments total...and I found my original one date-sorted back up in the list.  It is now here.

Now, I guess, we wait a little more and see what happens next.  Attempt #1, at least, is now there, and reproduced faithfully.  I'm certainly not expecting answers to the questions, because there are none that are morally defensible, but the catechism regurgitators now have something a little different to ply their trade against, and that's what I was hoping for.

Subsequent posts (just consider this latest one) do not instill much confidence.  Anyone who takes Carolyn McCarthy seriously--actually learns something about what she purports to do unto her constituents, and yet still considers it as a morally viable option--simply forfeits any chance at a rational conversation. 

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Anonymous said...

I agree. At some point, there is no chance of a rational conversation. No common ground.

Glad to see you got "published", too late in the game to be of consequence.

I'd take it as a compliment if I were you.