Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Gunwalker: progress?

It's no secret that I don't think we'll get what we want by appealing to the same crowd that manufactured the problem in the first place...but despite that I seriously do hope there is something to these:



It is not a stretch to say that these are the product of the work of two tireless activists, and the whistleblower sources that have trusted them with (at least) their careers.  I cannot say enough positive about David Codrea for his reportage and activism, and about Mike Vanderboegh for inspiring and fostering the attitude and environment for the whistleblowers to believe in.

This is not trivial stuff, and David and Mike (to say nothing of the whistleblowers) risk much in sticking their necks out.  Powerful--or at least heavily-armed, highly belligerent and almost wholly unaccountable--interests really wish this would go away.  Interests that don't exactly have a history of handling such flashlight work well.

As of this writing, mainstream media is nowhere to be found.  If ever they truly were interested in being a check on state power, they long ago gave up the role willingly, and now serve as lapdogs rather than watchdogs.  This is unsurprising to many of us (including, I suspect, David and MBV) but these events may yet serve a useful purpose to illustrate How Things Are Now, to those still unconvinced.  Frustrating as it may be, that will be a good thing;  the sooner people are aware that they're truly on their own, the sooner they will start making their own arrangements--and that is the only chance we have at actually defanging this beast without firing shots.

I guess we'll see how serious Grassley is.  If he is actually worth the air he consumes, he'll understand why I don't have much faith.

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