Friday, January 21, 2011

Heads up.

We're still in Condition Yellow, right?  But in Yellow you pay attention to what's going on around you.

This from Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street:
Scuttlebutt is there's gonna be a big ATF enforcement/operations story dropped Monday or Tuesday, to try and divert attention away from what's been increasing interest in the murder of the Border Patrol agent and other issues of embarrassment to ATF.

This is not about ATF's announcement that there will be an announcement about the importation of shotguns (see: Good thing I have my 2 Saiga 12s and a bunch of drum magazines. Like what's the difference between a 12 gauge Streetsweeper with an 18" barrel designed to be fired from the shoulder (classified by ATF as a Destructive Device), and a 12 gauge Saiga with an 18" barrel designed to be fired from the shoulder and equipped with a 20-round drum magazine (classified by ATF as a Title I firearm)? Answer: The Saiga holds 8 more rounds than the Streetsweeper.

The story on Monday or Tuesday is going to be about a lotta bad guys getting arrested by ATF, to try and uplift ATF's image.

Then, Mike follows with this:
When I wrote the post below -- "Yogi Berra was right. Rumor of a big, bad ATF bust early next week." -- around midnight last night, I was acutely aware of the slippery ground upon which this shadow war for the truth of Operation Gunwalker and the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry is being fought.

Rumors can be -- and often are -- floated like dye in the sewer, just to see where it goes to close down leaks. Given the high stakes of the games being played behind the scenes by the White House and their Justice Department minions desperate to stop the truth from coming out, this is certainly a concern. But when a rumor -- any rumor -- comes from multiple sources, sources which have always been right in the past, sources who do not know each other, it is less likely to be disinformation dye and more likely to be the real turd.

But I must say that sewer dye was on my mind when I wrote the "rumor" announcement. Were this just about intelligence gathering and protecting sources -- even multiple sources -- the prudent thing to do would have been to stay silent, watch and wait. But it is not. Nor is this rumor about something trivial, like the length of ATF attorney James P. "Little Jim" Vann's penis. It is not even something merely scandalous like whether ATF "subject of interest" Ramsey A, Bear, in pursuit of whom the ATF wasted millions, was real (he wasn't). This is about something that can get a whole lot of people killed very quickly -- ATF agents and innocents as well. This is about something that, handled with all the skill that ATF has shown in the past when under pressure, could inadvertently start another American civil war.

What if the rumor is true and this brilliant plan turns into a botched shit storm like the incredibly misnamed "Trojan Horse" (the initial raid plan for Waco) and people get killed? No more free Wacos, remember? I've got a moral responsibility to try to prevent that.
Seriously:  read 'em both.  None of this may come to pass, but what it is not is trivial.

Whether anyone knows about it or cares to admit it is unimportant.  Every American is fortunate to have Vanderboegh on this task--even those who hate his guts for what he is doing.  (I myself have a few significant points of disagreement with MBV, but I do not for a minute doubt his sincerity and his desire to prevent bloodshed here.  Unlike most of us, Mike (and certainly his sources, as he himself readily attests) risks much with his agitations, especially these "Project Gunwalker" ones, and it is simply facile to claim that he is secretly jonesing for a conflict.)

Eyes.  Ears.

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Eyes. Ears.

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Condition yellow.

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