Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bill Still: worth a peek.

Hat tip to the increasingly useful Karl Denninger.

For anyone who needs to be caught up on the insolvency problem in less than ten minutes, this is pretty clearly stated.

This guy's politics are admirably absent from the discussion.  Love it.  Perhaps I'm being naiive here, but I like to think that's because more and more people are recognizing that politics--all politics--is the problem, and not the solution.

Quoth Robert LeFevre:
Government* is a disease masquerading as its own cure.


*Some make noise over "corporations" being a worse problem than "government", which makes no sense since corporations are literally and wholly creations of government.  That these two entities collude with one another is in no way newsworthy, and is very useful as a red herring;  those who insist on pursuing the entirely semantic argument merely divert attentions away from meaningful dialogue.  (The colluders love that, by the way.)

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