Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The virtual war flares up.

(And obviously, by "the virtual war" I am speaking of the war against every one of us, by those who claim to represent us.)

This is good news only in that it is continuing evidence that someone (in this case, WikiLeaks) has found a way to hit Master where it actually hurts, prompting every sort of flailing, desperate response.  Via Brad at Wendy McElroy's site:

This was inevitable:

1. Every WikiLeaks server, it seems, has come under DDoS attack shortly after coming on-line. A private individual has claimed responsbility for at least the first attack.

2. After PostFinance -- the Swiss Post Office's banking arm -- froze Wikileaks' account, a pro-Wikileaks group, "Anonymous," launched a DDoS attack yesterday on PostFinance.

3. A DDoS attack was also launched against PayPal's blog site over the weekend, "apparently prompted by PayPal's decision to cut off money services to WikiLeaks last week."

4. Presumably in retaliation, a web site used by Anonymous came under attack yesterday from an anti-Wikileaks group.

As I said yesterday: in cyberspace, everyone has a nuke. And they've started to fly. Keep your head down, and stay safe.

He's right;  this was of course inevitable.  What's depressing is that these "anti-Wikileaks" actors might actually be operating privately.  Let's be honest:  there would be no surprise--not one bit--if we some day find out that some or all of these attackers are actually on the public dole in some way or another.  Wouldn't be the first time, wouldn't be the last.  If you're honest about the cui bono question, you have to admit that--because the whole point of destroying WikiLeaks is to preserve the state's "right" to secrecy and deliberate lying to that same end--the concept of patsies, stooges, bag men, and, uh, creatively-incented goons is absolutely and inherently an "on the table" option worthy of investigating.  (And if you don't think "your" government is capable of this sort of deception, you have been asleep at the wheel and really should wake up before you hit something.)

In this case, either they are, or they're not.  If they are officially tied to the state--well, hey, we already know to expect that from the kind of people who would exploit the good will of the masses to letigimize theft, fraud and murder.

If they're not--if they really are operating privately--then it's just sad to see continued examples of slaves fighting so hard to perpetuate their own enslavement.  Apparently, Master has done its propaganda work well.

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