Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just stop acting surprised. It's bad for your complexion.

And so we record another step along the pathway to what is shaping up to be Decision 2016:  Mein Trumpf vs. Hitlery (achtung!).  To wit:  Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary.

Some people are even gnashing their teeth about it all, as though it's some sort of surprise.  The TwitFace is no stranger to that peculiar flavor of ire-of-the-betrayed, so often performed histrionically in front of a gen-u-whine Pious(TM) brand fainting couch.

Thing is, it seems to me that someone said this was a foregone conclusion:

Anyway, so here we have the "self-described democratic socialist" Sanders, who is going to wind up doing nothing more than making Hillary look more palatable to the credulous. That is the point.

I know, crazy SOB in serious need of re-education, right?

Sweet Metor O' Death, indeed.  It'd serve "us" right.

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MamaLiberty said...

Just have to take a deep breath and remember that "this too shall pass." And, in the long run, it won't really matter much who is "elected." What will matter is how individuals respond to whatever the hell it is they attempt to foist on us all.

The very fact that any of these idiot lizards can even pretend to be adult human beings is insane. The fact that so many ordinary people believe in the lizard's "authority" and are willing to allow them to control their lives is very telling. I suspect they deserve each other, even though it is tragic and there ARE many innocents involved.

Real adult human beings, being in a distinct minority, have their work cut out for them now... avoiding the lizards and their dictates.