Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh gee whiz, what further shocking revelations might yet be in store?

Presuming the veracity of this report (I know nothing about Land Destroyer;  only that the report here reads much like actual journalism, in stark contrast to most of the "urinealism" racing around right about now), it appears that our wholesome and pious protectors at the Eff Bee Eye may have had a hand in incubating this latest creep as well.

Considering the disturbing activities conducted by FBI informants during these "investigations," the FBI appears obligated to tell the American public just what their "informants" were doing with Florida shooting suspect Omar Mateen in the 10 months they were "investigating" him beginning in 2013.

Did they also walk Mateen through planned attacks he ultimately backed out of? Did he eventually change his mind again after the FBI's investigation was allegedly closed?

The American media and US elected representatives have an obligation to ask these questions, obtain this information from the FBI, and to reevaluate the FBI's means and methods of investigating potential suspects through what is clearly a dangerous process of entrapment, indoctrination, and deceit.

I know:  total shocker, that idea.

Just think what we'll learn tomorrow.

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MamaLiberty said...

I doubt we'll ever know for sure, Kevin. I'm still having trouble understanding how/why there were no armed "citizens" in the building, the "law" being beside the point. I know there are people armed, in spite of such laws, in most "gun free zones" across the country. Why would this "Pulse" thing be any different? Did they have metal detectors at the doors? Even that would not really stop someone from carrying if they really wanted to. How were 300+ people disarmed? Even the TSA can't manage that.