Saturday, August 27, 2016

Greenwald on 'nobody is coming to take your guns'.

Well, actually, no, that's not what he's writing about here:

The reality is that there is ample evidence uncovered by journalists suggesting that regimes donating money to the Clinton Foundation received special access to and even highly favorable treatment from the Clinton State Department. But it’s also true that nobody can dispositively prove the quid pro quo. Put another way, one cannot prove what was going on inside Hillary Clinton’s head at the time that she gave access to or otherwise acted in the interests of these donor regimes: Was she doing it as a favor in return for those donations, or simply because she has a proven affinity for Gulf State and Arab dictators, or because she was merely continuing decades of U.S. policy of propping up pro-U.S. tyrants in the region?

It's a great article (worth a RTWT), and should, if there were actually any sort of popular interest in restraining the ruling class, be more than enough to prevent HRC from ever again holding actual power over so much as a single cat, much less hundreds of millions of human lives.

But it's not about the guns at all.  And yet somehow, the "nobody is coming to take your guns" canard simply keeps popping into my head:

So if you want to defend the millions of dollars that went from tyrannical regimes to the Clinton Foundation as some sort of wily, pragmatic means of doing good work, go right ahead. But stop insulting everyone’s intelligence by pretending that these donations were motivated by noble ends. Beyond that, don’t dare exploit LGBT rights, AIDS, and other causes to smear those who question the propriety of receiving millions of dollars from the world’s most repressive, misogynistic, gay-hating regimes.

I know, I know, it's one thing to say all this about campaign finance, but it's like totally different when it comes to plebes with guns.  You can just sense a politician's scruples come roaring back into line, when it comes to plebes with guns.

Which nobody wants to take.  The guns, I mean.  Not the plebes.  Of course not the plebes.  Well, unless they want guns.  Then, maybe the plebes too.  Wait, is this thing on?


MamaLiberty said...

Hey! You wrote something again. :) I quit checking here every day and totally missed it in August, I guess.

Anyway, I don't care what anybody calls it or why... I'll be very glad to contemplate Hillary as a star resident of a nursing home, with people to wipe the drool off her face and preposition her frequently once they've decided that there is no likely rehab for such a bad stroke.

Well, I can dream, can't I.

And yes, someone finally turned the mike on. LOL

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Hi Mama. Sorry to be quite so below-decks for a while. I'm in the middle of transitioning a number of things, some of which are actually promising. And there is purpose to all of it. Keep fingers crossed. :-)

I can't decide, for myself, whether to be (once again) horrified at the prospects of this election, or encouraged at just how absurd the charade has become. On one hand, it's terrifying: layers of the onion are peeling back left and right, making the already self-evident ever more obvious, yet still nobody seems to care, or even notice, in their conditioned fervor to Work Within The System No Matter How Bad It Is Because Not To Do So Would Be Instant DOOOOOM. On the flip side, even the largest onion only has so many layers to peel back, especially if the core continues to rot from the inside.

Mostly, I just try to enjoy family, these days, and whatever musicking I can manage. (Certainly plenty there to keep me on my toes... :-)

MamaLiberty said...

Just thought I'd check in again. Can certainly understand that you have a life beyond this blog. :) I managed to snag two friends who want to write things, so I can post almost every day. Is that cheating? LOL

Just a month more to wait for the insane season (used to be merely the "silly season") to end.. Tuesday, Nov. 8 --- well, the beginning of the recount, voter fraud, and all the rest of the POST insane season stuff to start.

Along about March, I suspect the "news" outfits and their antagonists will find something different to scream about.