Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How cool is Marilyn Williams?

Pretty durn cool, from initial reports.  (H/T David Codrea)

The pair of alleged burglars then tried another house nearby, but little did they know that homeowner Marilyn Williams is a trained sharpshooter.

There's all kinds of irony in this story.  The one that jumps out to me at first is her (say it breathlessly, now) "sniper rifle":

Click you to embiggenate the awesome.

Hey, nice airgun!  That's a Benjamin Marauder, for which I myself lust in both rifle and "pistol" form.      It can certainly put its little pill into just the right spaces out to 75-100 yards, and I've no reason to doubt that this lady can perform up to her piece.  And her "M-Rod", presuming it begins with a suitable starting fill, has a 10-round magazine to work with.  Within its limitations, it would indeed be a viable choice for "sniping", for anyone who actually cares about the non-pejorative meaning of that word.

It would not have been pretty, though, if the thugs had come prepared for a fight.  Airguns are not "stoppers", and the powerful ones tend to be unwieldy--especially with the moon-scopes that airgunners love to put on the really accurate pieces.  As a "gunnie", I'd advise her toward all sorts of preferable alternatives in the firearm realm--revolvers, pistols, short leverguns and shotguns, etc.--but she may well already know about that.  I don't presume to know her story.

Fortunately, these seemed to be typical thugs, who wanted a score, not a fight, and Ms. Williams waged and won her fight purely with her attitude.  For that alone she earns my respect, to the point that I will make sure my girls are aware of what she did and how she did it.  (Is she a "freedom person"?  Who knows?  I don't need to know.  She doesn't have to be, to do what she did, which stands by itself.)

And I like the way she carries herself on camera.  David's comment was "Not Cooperating with the Narrative", which (as usual for him) is right on.

The ironies only get thicker from this point.

Take a moment to watch the video under that breathless headline "Female sharpshooter scares off crooks with sniper rifle".  (That is a separate H/T to David, as well.)

Now how does that title go with that content?  It is a wonderment, isn't it?  The title screams PSH, but the content is pretty golden, and even the talking heads (I know nothing else about "Fox & Friends") are pretty transparently into Ms. Williams.

After seeing that, I want to talk to her even more.  She just has to know the difference between an airgun and a firearm, and yet she parades that M-Rod all over the camera without saying a word about it.  She's never even asked about it, which is like division-by-zero in this tiresome age of "always-indict-the-hardware".  It's almost as though it's the way things should be, in a sane world--and I have this niggling feeling that she may be perfectly aware of the ironies, and may simply be enjoying them.

Oh sure, perhaps I am being overly generous.  Again, I don't know her full story.  But I can see what she did, and in my book at least, that's earned her a cut above impartiality.

Not a trivial cut above, either.  Remember, she won her fight with her attitude, which more than made up for her sub-optimal hardware.  (Really, if her comments during the video are accurate, she didn't really "need" that rifle at all.)  I'll take that over any number of "gunnies" out there, who may have vastly superior hardware, but not an inkling of attitude to go with it.

Pay attention, girls.  This is what empowerment looks like.


Jerry The Geek said...

Exceedingly Cool! I'm not sure that I have the courage to face down 'bad guys' with a pellet rifle, but this lady deserves great credit for both her courage and her nerve.

MamaLiberty said...

Can't watch the video... don't have the right download. Sure would like to see it. But the problem this lady has with using a real firearm is that she's in California. I can see why she took up with an air rifle there.

It does look very large and cumbersome, and I wouldn't want to have to rely on it for home defense, but the gun you "need" is the one you have, and know how to use.

The attitude absolutely comes first and is vital for success, no matter how many guns you have or what kind they are. She's got it in spades. Sure wish she could move to NE Wyoming... I think we'd have a ball shooting together. And I'll bet I could learn a lot from her.

Anonymous said...

What does Cali have to do with not owning a Firearm??

I know a few people out there, one guy has a pair of Browning M2 .50Cals (yes, the full auto kind) and a host of other firearms.

MamaLiberty said...

Anon... just do some google search and I'm sure you can find out why California is not the place for those who want to exercise their natural right of self defense. Look up "Calif. gun laws" and such topics. The big cities are the worst, but Calif is generally not the place for those who want to carry a gun for self defense, and they are seriously limited in which guns they may possess or buy due to government "lists" of approved models. You CAN defend yourself with a gun in California, but it's a crap shoot and you may well face serious charges anyway because of their idiotic and convoluted "laws." And I do know what I'm talking about. I lived in California for 58 years before moving to Wyoming. I wouldn't go back to CA for anything.