Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Notes from the fun shop.

I had occasion a few weeks ago to walk into one of my local funshops, and to my total surprise, I not only had a pleasant experience but also a useful one.  (Both the local places have been on my shit-list for some time, on account of reliably giving every appearance of being completely disinterested in my business.  I usually go some 80 miles up the road to get what I need.)  To wit:  the fella behind the counter (who is not new) not only was engaging and attentive, but also went out of his way to let me know they could work with me for special orders.

I was feeling charitable enough that day, not to mention a bit bowled over at a transaction that felt hauntingly normal, and so I said sure, I'd appreciate a call if he could get me a small supply of Brenneke slugs for my 16-gauge Ithaca M37.  That seemed to fit the definition of "low risk, high reward" well enough.

And on Sunday he called me back.  He'd managed to wrest 4 boxes from his supplier, and said that he'd be happy to sell me all 4 at the same time--which is usually against policy during this tiresome Great Ammo Panic Which Exists Because Panic.  (The usual policy with high-demand stuff is one-box-per-customer-per-day.)

And so here I am in the pleasant position of having not only managed to secure a small stock of game loads for the notoriously-hard-to-find 16 gauge, but also #1 buck, Foster and now Brenneke slugs as well.  (Range Day should be fun.)

Okay, score one for one of the local guys.  I'm happy to try that again.

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