Thursday, May 15, 2014

Must be springtime.

Neighbor warns us by text message, as we're in town today, that a mama moose and her new calf have decided to spend the day in our driveway, and the yearling is hanging out as well, most annoyed at having just been kicked out for the new arrival.  Oh, and a bear has been spotted moving from one neighbor's yard into another.

Must be spring.

Very well then.  Eyes up, girls reminded to constrain themselves to the deck unless we're with them, and Kerflättenböömer moved into the first-reach position.

Is .45/70.  Shot go through.

Dang, I do love that rifle.  I'd rather it draw blood under different circumstances, but if push comes to shove, she stands ready, and will do her part if I do mine.

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MamaLiberty said...

Yes indeed, spring is FINALLY in the air here too. Saw the tracks of our resident mountain lion out in the horse pasture yesterday and brought the Marlin 30-30 upstairs to rest in its usual place for the rest of the year. The horses come back this week, and I will be watchful even though the lion has never bothered any horses around here. Last year he did kill a goat and some other small stuff... first for him since I'd been here.

No signs (or sounds) from our usual packs of coyotes yet, but I'm sure they'll be around as soon as their pups are big enough. Love to listen to them. So far, no confirmed livestock losses from them either, though they do keep down the feral cat population in and around town.

Have not seen any sign of the big Canadian wolf I spotted several years ago either, but I am watchful whenever I am outdoors. Next we get to watch for snakes as well. Ah, country living. :)

But I'm just as glad we are more or less limited to deer and antelope here... would NOT want to run into a moose and have not even seen any elk nearby. They range a bit north of me.