Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"It's just time to learn how."

A brilliant observation by commenter LarryA, over at Claire's place. 

Money quote:

This year new-women-shooter classes are sold out, I haven’t had a CHL or Hunter Education class less than 50% female, and the most common reason has been, “I don’t know. It’s just time to learn how.”

He goes on to offer "[t]he NON-threatening explanation" that maybe gunnie things have just become acceptable enough to drive that sort of rationale.

LarryA is being more polite than I am.  I'm a strong believer in sixth senses, and although Leviathan has done its level best to breed, train and condition it out of us, I say betting money's on these gals just recognizing a skill they may well need, in a near-enough term future to demand preparing now.  The tone and context of that phrasing reminds me of several similar things I've seen in pregnant women, where, at a level that simply must be instinctual, the woman suddenly (and inexplicably) takes up a new skill that she then puts to excellent use some time after the child is born (or sometimes even during the delivery), as though she got a psychic message telling her exactly what she would need to do at some unspecified later time.  The sheer prescience is eerie to watch, when it happens.  (I also happen to think it's one of the most amazing and beautiful things I've ever seen.)

There's another aspect to the observation, as well.  In a recent conversation with Cathy's mother (of whom I am dearly fond), she offered the following observation about a variety of political initiatives (I'm phrasing from memory here):

Sometimes, even though so many people say so many things about something, you just know--you know--it's wrong, but don't know how to say how it is you know that.  And so I'd rather say nothing.

Amen.  The answer that these women give to LarryA is almost certainly more reliable and openly honest than that which they'd give on a government questionnaire asking demanding to know why they want to learn how to shoot. But...we'd be foolish to presume that was their entire story, too.  (I presume LarryA would agree with me on that, just to be clear.  :-)

And that's okay.  I'm happy to leave people to their own reasons.  Whatever those reasons may be, their clearing the biggest hurdle, the one that keeps them from being there, is past them, and the door is open both to competency and to the mental transformations that accompany it.

Much good can come from that.


ENthePeasant said...

I believe it was Michael Bane who said last year that the 2nd Amendment was not going away because women were coming to shooting and guns. I must agree. The change in women's views on guns has changed so radically that they now make up the majority of guns purchases at my local gun store... and they're not buying guns for "legitimate sporting purposes". ;)

MamaLiberty said...

I want everyone to take the training, of course, but I make a special effort to reach out to other women, and have developed supplemental teaching material to add to the NRA classes especially geared for women... and most especially for the complete novice. I will counsel those who fear guns one to one until they are comfortable taking the class.

Much more needs to be done to reach out to these women. If you know a woman who isn't sure yet if she wants to learn to shoot, let alone learn to defend herself, I urge you to send for my book, "I Am NOT A Victim." It is free in email to anyone who will send me their e-address.

The first chapter tells the story of the man I had to shoot to save my life... and why it could happen to anyone.

If you are an instructor, let me know and I will share the full version used in the classroom, as well as the shorter one I give to novices.