Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Jeff Cooper made possible.

YouTube is a wonderful thing.

I bring up Jeff Cooper's principles and teachings a lot, but have had some difficulty in locating resources that really bring some of what Cooper made possible, to light.  A while back I ran across the writing of one Jim Higginbotham, which is eminently worthwhile in its own right.

What really stuck out at me, though, is this very short video of Higginbotham in action:

There is so much "right" in this short segment that I thought I'd post it here as a reference.  I'm not quite sure that I buy into the need for sending that many shots downrange before reassessing, as a matter of theory (the "Mozambique Drill" was documented as a solution for the failure to stop), and there are some differences of opinion on both the specifics of the reload and how to do the "are there other attackers?" scan, but these are relatively minor points.  The big thing is:  if that is your response to a lethal attack, you will probably survive it.  (And, chances are awfully good that any subsequent attackers will immediately recognize their total failure in the victim selection process and get away with all due haste.  :-)

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