Monday, May 2, 2011

So, did you get the message in OBL's death?

It seems that OBL is now officially dead. least: proven, habitual liars have now declared that he is dead.  Just as the same gang of proven, habitual liars brought him to our attention in the first place, and told us all just exactly who he was, what he had done and how dangerous he was.  And what we could Do About It.

But now, this news...Do you understand what this means?

No, seriously:  did you get the message?  Its importance really cannot be overstated. Here it is:

You can now stop criticizing your leaders.  They have Come Through For You.

See how that works?  Now is the time to Pull Together, people!

Now is the time to drop any petty squabbles like...oh, let's see, what's going on right now, that a cashed-in chip or two would really help the Establishment out with...hey, here's one:  how about Mexicans and Americans murdered in the service of a cynical political positioning ploy gone "wrong", starting at ATF and going up through Main Justice, almost certainly State, and very likely (in one of those "either knew, or should have known" ways) the White House itself, with classic stonewalling and cover-up behavior at every level?

That's just one example, today.  There are other things, too--there always are--financial insolvency despite ongoing claims of improvement and health, continued worldwide marauding (in the name of "peace"!), the perpetually escalating war against all of us through building the modern police state (as always with tyrants, "out of necessity"),  and the ongoing leaks and discoveries that those pesky little people make (despite the best efforts of today's "open and transparent" governments) which continue to prove that there is nothing, nothing that the state can tell you that you can be certain is the truth.

Yeah, now is the time to stop talking about all that.  Just STFU.

And know--know--that since they "accomplished" this critical mission, that now is the time to write the next mission's blank check.  Do it...before our "enemies" strike again--and before all this petty bickering tears "us" apart.

Write the check, pay it, and STFU.  That's your job, people.  It is now time to let your betters do theirs.

(Didn't you know?  That's the way all protection rackets work.)


MamaLiberty said...

Sadly, far too many people seem to be getting that exact message... and swallowing it whole.


Diogenes said...

"(Didn't you know? That's the way all protection rackets work.) "

Hitting the point with 20 giga-candle power spotlight.