Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I know I can't be the only one thinking this...

...and also it's not like I spend much time these days combing the Interteubz to be sure, but still, I don't recall seeing the thought anywhere else thus far:

Bumpfire stocks as a key component of the recent Vegas disaster?  Really?

Notwithstanding the fact that certain key details of this sordid story seem to be slipperier than the finals heat at a greezed-pig contest, and changing and shapeshifting about like you'd expect within that metaphor:  this guy was supposed to be rich, a bit of a showoff, and not really afraid of jumping through hoops to get what he wanted.

So...instead of simply using that wealth and personality to amass a braggable NFA collection of "real" automatic weapons, he instead resorts to what has been described as the poor man's full-auto*?

And watching how the whole bumpfire thing has landed so squarely into the exact right spot to be exploited by all the usual blood-dancing suspects?

Something stinks doesn't even begin to cover it.  But then again, for anyone who's been paying attention, that's basically a given for any of these events, isn't it?

* Personally I'm among those who disparage bumpfire stocks as a range toy for those who want to more efficiently waste ammunition, but I'm also among those who acknowledge that the most valuable characteristic any product could possibly have is the ability to cause instant apoplexy among the insufferable polypragmatoi.  Which is to say that if I had money, I'd immediately acquire two, whether I like them or not, which is hardly the point.


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MamaLiberty said...

Something stinks...

The watch phrase of century. Or several centuries. The stink just keeps getting worse.

And all the argument over some "conspiracy" theory is silly. There are no doubt a great many conspiracies at all levels. But a great many things happen simply because of stupidity, incompetence and vast conflicting agendas of many powerful players. Then the coverup gets very strange and difficult, as in the Las Vegas case, and far too many people ignore what is obvious for myths that fit their own agenda.

Personally, I love to see politicians and bureaucrats, privileged "elites" and their minions, arguing and contradicting each other, for what ever reason. May they soon reach the stage of mutually assured destruction. I'm sure they'll find use for the guns they pretend to hate...