Friday, January 20, 2017

One last reminder before the inauguration:

Remember that there will be purpose in these promises of destructive and even violent protest (H/T Claire) around the inauguration.  And the purpose is not about actually disrupting a party, or even embarrassing the new dictator-elect.

I would argue that it's a longer-term strategy.  The Never Trump Army has invested itself way too heavily in the marketing idea that Le Coif du Orange will always, without exception, crack any head at the slightest dissent, and peaceful protests right out of the gate would not fit that narrative.

So:  in order for Mein Trumpf to appear the proper oppressor in the opening and subsequent spotlight, he needs something to oppress.  What more obvious than cracking down on "peaceful protestors" on inauguration day?

Really, it's the same logic that reminds us (thanks Kit Perez, via Claire) that if ATF really is on the chopping block (cuz...yeah, well, maybe), we should be completely unsurprised at another Operation Showtime any time now.

Sure, maybe nothing will go wrong--so many of these people are all-hat-no-cattle in the first place--but if something does:  consider the idea that "the Brownshirts" do have to be seen being Brownshirts.


MamaLiberty said...

Sure glad that's over. And it is amazing to see all of the liberals and control freaks going nuts over it... so often accusing Trump of what they've been doing for years! GRIDLOCK! Don't we wish.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Yeah, just wait: the return of the term "war criminal", utterly missing in action since January of 2009, is not far off now. We're already starting to hear the long-dormant, but still somehow familiar, faux indignation over the first collateral damage casualties of the new term, delivered with a level of cynical, gagging tone-deafness that only true-believer partisans can muster.

And it's only going to get worse; these tiresome people are committed to their own refusal to learn anything at all from the recent events that they seem so upset about.