Thursday, January 12, 2017

A happy milestone today.

Because knee joints were not designed for "extra parts".



MamaLiberty said...


Can't log onto comment at that other blog. You have two now? What's up with that? LOL

Kevin Wilmeth said...

I decided a while ago to eventually migrate myself from the Blogger platform to the one. And with all the things going on since then--mostly just trying to scrape by--it's taken a lot longer than I'd have ever thought. (I mean, it's good to be busy, but sheesh!) One of the reasons for the migration was to re-imagine my whole web presence in the context of someone looking for work: to have it all organized from the beginning with parallel personal and professional locations. I'm still not entirely happy with the overall design, but I still think the idea is sound.

And so, the personal site I have already largely migrated, but haven't added a whole lot to, other than layout. At some point I'll probably remove that content at Blogger and just leave a stub pointing to the address.

I've also got a putative new home for Rifleman Savant set aside, but really I haven't worked on it at all yet. Among my Blogger blogs, Rifleman Savant is by far the most developed, and whatever may develop into the new one, it'll be a while before this one is at any risk of truly going away. (And don't worry...."certain people" will definitely be notified. :-)

The one I've put most of my energies into thus far is the musicking site, Craftygrass. I'm reasonably happy with the way the new content is coming together on this one, and at some point I'll treat the layout a bit to dress it up better. Don't know whether I'll migrate everything from the original Blogger format, but that will be a later project; mostly thus far I've cherrypicked a few key things to move over that might help me to attract music students.

Anyway, there's the quickie overview: it may be both mid-stream and half-baked, but there is a plan!

Seems strange that you would have troubles posting a comment; I thought I'd set things up so that it just required a name and email--with the default moderation setting left in place. To wit: all first-time commenters get held in moderation; once approved, that's no longer necessary. What is it asking you to do?

MamaLiberty said...

"What is it asking you to do?"

LOL... as usual, I don't remember. I'll revisit and try again. :)

Just moved The Price of Liberty over to wordpress. URL is the same.

MamaLiberty said...

Tried again and left a message. No idea what the problem was before. :)