Thursday, November 17, 2016

So when do we find out...

...that this sudden rash of caricature-level stories about "Trump supporters" is pure post-election agitprop?

Oh, I've no doubt that there are a few loons out there, who may feed all the right stereotypes.  This, has that same "too perfect to be true" feel as the mass shooting that happens almost on cue for some scheduled push for (further) victim disarmament.

I don't know what they're all bitching about anyway;  it's not like this wasn't perfectly inevitable.  By casting their v*te at all, they willfully legitimized a system they knew perfectly well was going to put one of two revolting, horrible, awful people in a position of power over their lives.  And guess what?  The Establishment heard this call for legitimacy loud and clear.  Just about a hundred twenty million people sent the clear message:  You can even give us two choices as crushingly insane as Mein Trumpf and Hitlery Clinton, and we'll still v*te for 'em, rather than even consider something so crazy as simply saying no*.

What do you suppose the chances are that your protest v*te--your "anyone but [impostor of real human being]" v*te--got interpreted for what it was?

*Still, there is hope.  If I can believe the numbers, the clear plurality of eligible v*ters did stay home--and it sounds like the percentage was even bigger than it was last time.

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MamaLiberty said...

Looking forward to the time when 90% of the "voters" say NONE OF THE ABOVE, by whatever means. Unfortunately, no where near that many will ever understand self ownership and self responsibility as the only honest option. But it may be fun to watch...