Saturday, January 23, 2016

Changes coming.

Posting has been pretty light for a while now, for a variety of reasons both highly frustrating and oddly hopeful.  Not my intention.  The overall lightness may continue for a bit, but I do still have plans.

At this point I suspect that migration and resumption will happen in late February or early March, and changes will probably include both a move, and a change in focus.  Ideas abound;  we'll see how the details follow suit.

And cross fingers, for a change in winds on the employment front.  This is getting frustrating.  :-(


MamaLIberty said...

Migration? Move? From one browser to another, or one residence to another? Move to a different state? You coming this direction? :) Probably not. No jobs here either. sigh

I hope you find good employment, wherever you go, and a wonderful new home, though I can only imagine how terrible it would be for you to leave Alaska, or even the home you've enjoyed there.

Keep in touch, Kevin. I can't help much, but want to offer you all the encouragement possible. I had to leave a beloved home in California ten years ago, and thought it would break my heart. But I've never been happier than I am here... so there is always hope.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Ha! I was really talking about electronic migration from Blogger to WordPress, but there may well be a physical migration as well in our future.

Don't worry, I'll keep in touch, even at a reduction in online footprint. (Family, you know, as well as the outrage fatigue etc. etc.) And if and as that moment comes, I'm pretty sure I'll talk at least a bit about it here. :-)

More to come. I know we'll get things sorted out somehow, but after a while it does get a bit tiresome and draining not to have any idea how, or when.

MamaLiberty said...

Oh, I know so well how frustrating it can get, especially when you try so hard to resolve things and just nothing seems to come together.

Wordpress is a much easier journey than leaving home. :) I've been using wordpress for a number of years now and it does the job. Not as complete control over things as the old html website. I've never used "Blogger" so have no comparison there, but if wordpress doesn't do what you want it to, there are just so many other options available now. I fuss about wordpress limitations at times, but then consider that it DOES actually do the job I need it to do and costs nothing. That's a big help. :)

I'll keep looking in from time to time, and I'm here for you in email if you need to vent. :)