Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oh, I so wish I could have seen Jeff Cooper's response to this.

First via Facebook, then various other sources, I run across one Lars Anderson, student and practitioner of what might be called "practical archery".

First, check this out.  I'd say "watch the whole thing", but honestly, if you can stop watching after just a few seconds, I'm not sure there's much I can do to help you:

Okay, there's all the obvious awesome, and I do not mean to take from that.  But for me, I think the most significant takeaway is that this is an instance of how craft makes a giant leap forward, and it is beautifully succinct as a statement thereof.  Aside from the aspect of "rediscovering what has been long forgotten" (which is a whole other level of awesome), what Anderson has done here is just the same as what Jeff Cooper did to bring pistolcraft from an idea to a science.

Cooper, I strongly suspect, would have loved Anderson's approach of optimizing the instrument based on a combination of exhaustive historical research, and modern empirical assessment.  I would so love to have seen Cooper's take on it, from his own hand.

And now I'm wondering how and where the "practical archery" bug might go...  :-)

Dang, that's awesome.


Joel said...

Gad, I wish I'd seen this 45 years ago. It might not have turned me into an Olympic archer, but it sure would have been more fun. Our approach was to stand utterly still and try to do all the same things exactly the same way, over and over. Zenlike, but not always very stimulating.

Mamaliberty said...

Looks like marvelous fun, but far beyond my skill set. I'll stick to my trusty 9mm. :)