Tuesday, November 25, 2014

They're so cute when they puff themselves up like that.

My wife (who has a bit of training in genetics and classification) has confirmed for me that in the realm of scientific classification, the difference between a subspecies and a cultivar is principally that a subspecies might occur naturally, while a cultivar is essentially designed and created for a purpose.

In that regard, meet the hominid cultivar Gerald Ensley, who might well deserve the appellation homo narcissus invertebratus.  Or maybe homo sanctimonious hoplophobus, or even homo recto-cranio-invertatus.  There would seem to be many possibles, but regardless it would appear that sapiens he is distinctly not, warranting something a step beyond a simple "what color is the sky in your world?" or "please, please, make your unicorn shit the rainbows again, it's so cute when you do that".

See, ol' Gerald deigned to address Us The Unwashed in this fashion:

We're coming for your guns. And someday, we'll take them.

Thanks Gerald.  Seriously.  I mean, we already knew that and all, but thank you at least for being plain about it.  It gets tiresome to watch others who try to hide the obvious with sophistry and semantics, even when it doesn't fool anyone, and it is always both refreshing and invigorating to speak plainly.  Even if you do broadcast a near absolute lack of understanding of the people you would subjugate with the guns of the state, and how things actually work outside of your Hive-approved echo chamber.

Perhaps you'll even try some day.  (Well...you won't, of course.  You fancy that you have...people to do that work for you.)  Then, once and for all, we will find out if you are right...or not.

Just remember that whatever happens, you own it, Gerald, because you insisted on it.

NOTE:  Article comments, when I first looked, were running about 95% "Molon Labe" and 5% "Moar! Defenselessness! Now!".   Curiously, there were 850 comments when I first looked, and now it's down to 805.  Also, the article has been quietly updated to correct at least one embarrassing error, while he was frothing on about Newtown, N.J. 

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