Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dude, more squee.

Wasn't expecting this so soon, but today a gift from my folks arrived, a Caldwell "Ballistic Precision" chronograph

Well then, excellent!  With a little luck I'll both get zeroed and be able to do a preliminary test on both chrono and TalonP, this weekend.

UPDATE:  Grr.   I couldn't get anything at all to record today;  the unit kept failing consistently on the stop screen.  I may have to do an exchange.

UPDATE 2 (12/1):  Well, credit Battenfeld Technologies for a positive customer service experience.  It seems that I may have acquired an earlier edition of this model, wherein this problem is not unknown.  A later-edition replacement has been promised as soon as they can get it out the door.  Stay tuned!


Paul Bonneau said...

My chrono (another brand) does not work unless I get enough sunlight on the screen. Pretty much the ideal is sunlight on the white screens but no sunlight allowed down into the detector ports (below the screens). I sometimes have to use masking tape to accomplish the latter.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Paul, your light comment is well-taken. I will be interested to see how a "known good" unit will work in the flat light we have through much of the winter. If necessary I'll also take steps to mount my own light sources for assisting the screens. (Back in my Colorado days, light just wasn't an issue. :-)

Of interest too: on the phone with Battenfeld today, they suggested an interesting diagnostic test, at least for their unit: run a handheld flashlight over both screens manually. I admit, I'd never thought to do that, but I'll certainly give it a try!