Friday, March 28, 2014

Your Friday giggle.

Via the useful Gunmart Blog, this funny for gunnies:


Now anyone who has read me for a while (no snickering, you two) knows that I've got little personal use for full-auto fire, but since it seems to perturb the priggish out of all proportion to its actual utility, it's also easy to get behind and defend on principle alone. (Oh, and I'm sure it's all kinds of fun, too.)

Jeff Cooper used to say that he never understood the setting on some select-fire guns that provides for a three-round burst...but he might understand the desire for a two-shot burst.  Then again, with an understanding of how to ride the disconnector and just a little attention, effective "hammers" are certainly available to mortals on semi, without having to be Jerry Miculek.

Still...for anyone that has seen him run a revolver, you get that joke instantly, and for a reason.

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MamaLiberty said...

Well, that was fun to watch. :) I suspect that few, if any actual self defense situations would call for that level of expertise. That's a very good thing, of course. :)

Never did understand the attraction for super fast shooting anyway, and that was before the ammo shortage. It seems downright nutty now. LOL