Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bronco update.

Also in the Airsoft box came a little package I have been much anticipating.  It's a sight riser set for my Air Venturi Bronco's front sight. 

Looks insignificant, but it isn't.  You may recall that the only thing about the Bronco that I didn't immediately fall in love with was the need for a crush cheek weld for a sight picture, making true speed mounting nearly impossible.  These riser plates elevate the front sight enough that after adjusting the rear sight commensurately, the relationship between sights and comb is back to what I know as normal.

I confirmed this today by adding the riser plates, adjusting the rear sight and re-zeroing.  And now, with everything confirmed and screwed down tight, there is no more mounting problem--at all.  With the excellent design and ergonomics of the Bronco, true snapshots should be eminently feasible.  This makes me very happy.

I also think I'm going to like the new "pellet pen" and seating ram for this rifle. 

The "pen" holds about twenty .177 pellets that go almost too easily into the breech (it is possible to double-feed, which certainly isn't the disaster it would be with a firearm, but is annoying nonetheless), and the seating ram is screw-adjustable for depth.  (It seems that often a consistent deep-seating of pellets can contribute measurably to accuracy.)  What I also really like is that it should work famously with heavy gloves.  (I assure you, in Alaska winters it can get a bit chilly trying to manipulate individual .177 diabolo pellets with exposed fingers;  the ability to load with precision while using gross motor movements is welcome.  :-)

Anyway, I'm psyched about this update to the Bronco.  With the mounting/sighting problem solved, an efficient field loading device and a couple thousand more pellets to shoot--all for not much more than fifty bucks--how could I not be? 

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