Monday, October 7, 2013

This is the country we live in.

Remember when we used to make jokes about police states?

You know, when we meant other states?

(Yeah, it's been a long time for me too.)

Presumably this poor kid had a smart mouth on him.  Not very smart after all, maybe, but that's all.  Nothing in his actions or body language is even remotely threatening.  If I'm reading things right, what he was originally accused of was simply being the wrong age.

Behold the summary punishment these offenses incur.

Get it?  Nothing to see here, citizen.  You do not question your betters at work. The system is sound and the po-po are here for your safety.  Don't let a few "bad apples" ruin it for everyone.  Did we say "bad apples"?  No, no, no.  There is so much you can't see here in this unfortunate video.  See, after carefully unilateral consideration, in which we reviewed our own actions to see if we did something wrong and should give ourselves a good spanking, we instead found that no, the kid totally had it coming, and our officers weren't really "bad apples" after all;  their actions were completely within policy and actually they showed remarkable restraint.  All of them.  Including the second relay team.  And the dog. 

That is all.

(Well...except that in a few months, after this has all blown over, we'll further prosecute the victim, commemorate our own as human "heroes", and maybe put the dog out for stud.  Howya like me now, bitch?)


When it finally does happen and the masses turn on them, it is not going to be pretty.  And completely unsurprising.  The only thing that does seem inexplicable is that it's gone this far already;  that so many people who have grown up reading countless morality tales about bullying and "living by the sword", still manage to excuse it all for nothing more than the "right" costume.

Maybe it won't happen during my lifetime.  But happen it will, and to the surprise only of those invested in the legitimacy of a rigged game.

Jeez, now I need music. 

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