Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apparently I'm feeling very snarky today.

So I got wind of another school shooting on Facebook, yesterday:

The "annotation" provided with the picture makes the intent perfectly clear, in case there was any doubt:
Guns!  'MURICA!
 Wow, man.  That's, like, witty.  But you know, with just a small change it might at least be useful:

There, that's better.  More honest, at least.  (But you knew that already, right?)  I suppose one could re-caption the thing with a similarly honest phrase ("Moar!  Defenselessness!  Now!") but it somehow seems unnecessary.

But really, the weird part is that I haven't seen more agitprop about this yet--you know, with a whole day having gone by since the incident.  The machine is usually much better than this;  usually, I find out about this sort of thing from a long stream of such jabs, parading by on my Facebook "news feed", within what seems like minutes of the shots fired.

What, haven't Salon, HuffPo, Kos, NPR, WaPo (and friends) given sycophants their orders yet?*

I'm sure it'll happen, of course;  victim disarmers are nothing if not tiringly dependable.  But this does seem odd.

* At least judging by my own FB stream, it's pretty sad.  For any such event, you can essentially triangulate the issuance of official opinion from master to hive down to the hour, without even looking at source documents, just by the cascade of shares that roll by.  And I'm not even NSA!  :-)

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MamaLiberty said...

The "gun free zone" of LAX joins the list of shooting incidents. Another clumsy attempt to link these incidents to "mental defectives" and "anti-government" sorts.

Wonder what the real background story is... we'll likely never know.