Monday, September 16, 2013

Glorious day. Much learned.

By happy chain of happenstance, I got a range introduction to a local dad and his 13-year-old son, preparing for their first Alaska hunt and generally wanting to learn more about their equipment, knowledge and skills.

They are very much "in the right place".  And by that I'm not speaking about me (I'm little good at at tooting my own horn);  I mean their minds are in the right place, they're receptive to learning, and they already are doing many things well.  It's a pleasure to work with people like this, because they can be their own teachers, while I can be an effective guide.  I do think I can help them, and suspect they may have left feeling the same way.  (I hope so.  The list of things I love to do more than this is very, very short.)

They've only been shooting for about a year, and I understand that it is the son's initiative and interest that is fuelling them both.  This strikes a significant chord with me;  it was my interest in hunting and shooting that caused my own father to take those things back up after...focusing on being a dad for quite a while. 

The short story is that we got to their primary goal for the day (adjusting optics on hunting rifles with a minimum of ammunition expended) with plenty of further time to discuss stretch goals and next steps.  Based on their stated interests, if I don't chase them away, I think there is a lot more here we could do together.  (My first job, in understanding that, will of course be to limit the size of the information pipe.  You don't have to grok it all at once, and if I do things well it may still take a great deal less time than it took me to get to the same place.)  The critical elements--no serious safety infractions and a willingness to listen--are there already.

And the journey is marvelous.  There's no reason not to enjoy it.  :-)

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MamaLiberty said...

Fantastic! I feel that way with each class I teach. Always reaching to give them what they need, in a form they can both understand and assimilate easily.

Had to laugh at the "pipe" idea... yes indeed... it is far too easy to attempt to water their interest with a fire hose in my enthusiasm!! Information overload is a challenge when you have a lot of material that needs to be conveyed in a short time.

I concentrate on the basics for the class, then invite them to come back and shoot - or just talk and visit with me any time. So many have come back again and again that it gives me hope I'm doing something right. :)