Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The most interesting part isn't the rant.

But the rant, itself, does have some pretty choice moments.  Jon Stewart roasts the current Administration over...well, several things.  Article here, segment here:

It would be easy enough to skewer Stewart over his default worldview, which is that, despite all evidence of history and follow-the-incentive common sense, that "we" can actually vote effective restraint into institutions that have plenary, monopoly power over our lives.

Sure, Jon.  You go right ahead and show us how that works.

What I found more interesting than that, though--even beyond the unmistakable ire-of-the-betrayed vibe he gives off so strongly here--was that Stewart seemed to be most visibly irritated not by, you know, the actual abuses of power in re Benghazi, IRS oopsies, and the AP document much as the idea that these bits of executive-bureaucratic malfeasance were indicators of simple incompetence.

You know:  as if the current Administration, in permitting these blunders to be observed by the little people, is not helping in the ongoing deception campaign to keep said little people clamoring to keep getting it more and harder.

(I was kinda hoping he'd point out the irony that here, at last, is a case in which the Administration really is getting a little more serious about its transparency.)

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