Sunday, March 24, 2013

For no good reason at all...


Big deal, an M1 Carbine, right?  Perhaps you don't understand. It's a 22.  Saw one yesterday for less than four bills, which considering Alaska prices seems pretty good.  I'm thinking of getting a wood-stocked model, shortening the LOP to maybe 11", and having the ideal first-semiauto rifle for kids.  Start 'em on the Chipmunk/Crickett, move up to a manual repeater like the Henry Youth Lever, and when they're ready for semiauto, arrive here.  It should be Ching Sling friendly, and provided it runs (haven't heard anything about this yet), the excellent sight design and familiar operation should work out to be a great introduction to the semiauto rifle.

Still haven't found a viable serious rimfire pistol for kids' hands, but it's good to see options in rifles.  (If nothing else, it frees up energies to work on the former problem.  :-)


MamaLiberty said...

My M1 Carbine is a .30 caliber. Never saw one in a .22.

Wish I could afford to feed the M1 I have... it is a sweet gun to shoot. Just right for my small stature and strength level.

Alan said...

Should be fine with the wood stock, apparently there was a <a href=">problem</a> with some serial numbers that happen to have synthetic stocks.