Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On this sacrosanct National Masturbation Day...

...I offer only the reprises of what has been said before, since not one single thing of consequence is going to be any different about this year's result.

As before, millions will--voluntarily--legitimize the very system that enslaves them by participating in its perpetuation...and then preen sanctimoniously about, in what must be the afterglow of what George Carlin likened to public masturbation.  (Either click that link to start at the right spot over at YT, or start the below embedded segment and scroll to 2:48):

Miss ya, George.

For myself, I'll simply say, before the polls open:  Congratulations, America, you just elected the Establishment.  Again.

You can now go back to acting surprised at how bad things have become.  How uncivil.  How warlike.  How anti-humanitarian.  "Gosh, wherever did all this ugliness come from?"  And before long you will have fresh, new cause to be shocked, shocked that the people you just put into Current Occupancy aren't really what they told you they would be after all, and you can act surprised about that too.

That article points to the one I wrote specifically to be a reference, How to Vote on Election Day.  Which (s'prise!) needs not a single word changed for this year's episode of The House Wins!  The House Wins!  Snippets therefrom:

...Then, you do the Absolution Shuffle: free your mind from further worry. You have Done What You Can Do. It's in The System's hands now. If things go south from here, you can always absolve yourself further by proving you voted for The Other Guy. You have now validated your License To Bitch.
...For days on end after voting, affix various physical and virtual "pieces of flair" to yourself, sanctimoniously offering to the world that "I voted". Well, good on you. You have discharged the duty you learned about in Civics class, and proven that you know how to take orders and follow the rules. You have played your part in deciding who gets to play with the guns of the state for the next term, without raising any serious challenge to the legitimacy of the very Establishment you are voting to "fix". (Oh, it's fixed, all right: did you not choose from among the Establishment-approved candidates in the Establishment-approved election constructed, monitored and interpreted by Establishment appointees?) Yes, you're a Cool Kid now. Come get your cookie.
...Always interpret any insinuation that you, the voter, may have been deceived within or by the political enterprise itself, as prima facie evidence of simple provocateuring by The Other Team. No other explanation is acceptable. This just reinforces the evidence that your continued participation in the game is more important than ever before. After all, you've got skin in the game now, and have a reputation to protect.

Most of all, hold your head up high. You're better than they are. You've done your part. Now go tell everyone about it.

I suppose I did write a bit more recently in the same vein, and may as well point to that as well:

I'll be staying home, thanks.  And no matter what "official sources" may tell you, it ain't due to some dismissive fifty-cent term like "apathy".  After more than twenty years of defending all the sophistries just like I was trained to do, I simply ran out of excuses, and realized that politics is not the solution to the problem.  Politics IS the problem.

What I really hope people go to and absorb, though, is Arthur Silber's latest brimstone on the subject.  He's recently been a writing madman, and has contributed some real stunners, which for that man is saying something.

If you vote for Obama or Romney, that is certainly your right -- although you will forever forfeit the right to speak of "rights" at all. If a human being can be murdered for any reason, or for no reason at all, merely on the arbitrary order of someone who claims the power to issue such orders, she has no rights at all. You thus sanction the destruction of all rights, of all human beings -- including yours. The victim may be Mrs. Hamilton, or Joanna -- or you.

If you vote for Obama or Romney, do so proudly. I want you to say: "I vote for Obama/Romney proudly. I am proud to be a knowing accomplice to their murders, including the murders of innocent human beings." Say that, and those of us who refuse to surrender our souls will know where you stand.

This is not a complicated issue. It is stunningly straightforward. Those who seek to complicate and confuse it do so because they will not identify the meaning of their support, either to themselves or to anyone else. When they wish still to be regarded as "civilized," murderers and their accomplices will engage in endless irrelevant arguments and invent complexities where none exist. Don't let them get away with it. They are knowing accomplices to murder. Make them say it.

Yesterday he published this excellent treatise on contributing to the legitimacy of a broken system by participation, and on the fallacy of the lesser of evils.  It's blistering:

To return to what may now seem comparatively mundane, the question of voting for national office, even if only for a third-party candidate: It is not simply that one grants legitimacy to the overall system by doing so, although that is true and horrifyingly bad in itself. Perhaps more important is this: all advocates of third-party voting acknowledge its futility. Their candidate is not going to win. They know that.

But let's identify the further meaning of such a vote. They also know that either Obama or Romney will win. That is: a man who enthusiastically embraces the State's murder program -- a program that systematically, regularly, routinely murders innocent human beings, anywhere in the world, for any reason the State chooses -- and who similarly embraces the surveillance and police State, together with endless death campaigns abroad as well as a growing system of oppression and brutalization at home -- will win the presidency. By participating in the election at all, you grant legitimacy to the process that will make one of these two men president. You thereby grant legitimacy to the system itself, to the State, and to all those actions you know with absolute certainty the State will take in the future.

That is what your vote means, even if you vote for a third-party candidate. Perhaps you can do that, and still continue to live together with yourself.

I cannot -- and I will not.

Silber is a national treasure, delightfully enigmatic and directly caustic in a way that we desperately need more of.

Well, that's enough for the record this time.  We'll see, I guess, which of the two proffered monsters we'll have to deal with for the next four years;  there's obviously not a nickel's worth of difference in any way that matters between them, but I must say that Mitthead makes for a much more elegant nom d'ridicule than anything I've seen for BHO, so maybe that would be fun.  (Hey now, it's a difference, and you have to take what you can get!)

Gawd, here we go again.

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MamaLiberty said...

Years ago I solved this dilemma when I realized that it does not matter at all if there is any difference between the candidates, or what they promise, or what they have done previously...

None of it matters in the least because there is simply nothing on earth that is LEGITIMATELY subject to a vote - the will of the majority imposed on others!


An agreement between those in a voluntary association is something else again, of course. No person would be forced to do anything or fund anything against his/her will in that case. And no person would be "authorized" to practice aggression against others.