Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is angst. You purge.

Beginning to breathe again.  Please forgive me for needing a little stew time after at least one hundred twenty million people found some reason--whatever it was--to agree that we should keep on pointing guns at everyone (including themselves, if they're even dimly honest about it), and not do anything, you know, different.

Well, shit, it certainly wasn't unexpected...just horribly, ridiculously insane.  But I did know that going in, so it's time to move past it.

Point one:  at least a hundred eighty million people did not vote to bind us all in the same chains as last time.

I'll start with that.


MamaLiberty said...

I only question your math...

Seems I saw that the actual voter turnout was something like 40% of the eligible population. Not sure what the actual number is of those considered eligible. I doubt it is 310 million. :)

I think perhaps you didn't account for children and others who cannot vote, whether they wish to or not.

Your sentiment is spot on... but I don't think 190 million people made a deliberate decision not to vote for tyranny. Not that it made any difference to the outcome. sigh

MamaLiberty said...

Ok, got a number now.

"As of Thursday about 119.4 million votes had been counted in the presidential election – compared to a total vote in the 2008 presidential election of 131 million."

You were darn close on the number who voted for continued statism of one flavor or another. If we assume that the other 190 million people who didn't vote, minus children who don't know or care either way... you wind up being darn close after all.

Unfortunately, very few of those 190 million people understand or want personal liberty or responsibility for themselves either. sigh

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Yeah, ML, I'm pretty easy on "numbers", mostly only making notes about orders of magnitude. Hell, ours is a moral argument anyway, not a statistical one.

Who knows what the actual "electorate population" really is anyway...I'm just happy to see that nonvoters may already outnumber voters, and that the number of Kool-Aid drinkers continues to decline each year.

Kevin Wilmeth said...
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