Thursday, August 30, 2012

Since it can't happen here...

...then absolutely nothing that William Grigg says here, can possibly be true.

The Republicans learned their lessons well in 1964, when they failed to stop Goldwater from actually achieving a national stage, and ultimately had to resort to sabotaging their own candidate in the general election to keep his libertarian tendencies from infecting the long-term party platform.  It doesn't take a lot of research to discover just how strongly the party leadership feared Goldwater's appeal, nor to figure out where the "he'll push the button!" scare really came from. At any rate, the intrasquad sabotage tactic worked, and we got another four years of the horrific Ell Bee Jay (who may well have come up with the idea himself, if he'd had to).

No more of that shit, now.  Anyone imprudent and impudent enough to try and inject an actual love of liberty into the Republican mainstream will simply be ignored (with as much force as is required) until he goes away*.  In that regard, I've long wondered what makes Ron Paul keep trying, but I think it's now fair to say that he's become even more feared than ol' Barry G was.

Within his text, Grigg presents the following video, which, if authentic, should lay to rest any remaining doubts about how party machines work. 

See how that works?  Maybe you're not getting the message.  How about this?
Alex Helwig, a Ron Paul delegate and Chairman of the Rules Committee, made a formal motion to remove the chair. In a fashion reminiscent of a third world dictatorship, Helwig was seized by Shreveport Police and removed from the room. During his brief detention, Helwig suffered several broken fingers – a punishment favored by Mussolini’s Blackshirts – and when he returned to the event he walked with the aid of a cane.

Any more questions?

Tell me again how replacing the Demon-rats with the Reich-publicans is going to accomplish anything--anything--of substance?

Gawd, my teeth will be happier when these cynical, choreographed circuses we call conventions are over with, and they can all at least pretend to hate each other across the aisle.

* Hm.  Ignore him until he goes away.  Hey, I wonder if that thought would work if the whole populace simply applied the same principle to Washington...

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Anonymous said...

It's a plan whose time has come. Turn off Washington's microphone.