Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

Otra otra vez.  Wrote this* in 2009--could have written the same thing years before that--and oddly enough, not a thing has changed.

More constructive, this year, are Claire's thoughts.
People tell us that declaring (or going off and living) individual freedom in an unfree time is nihilistic. They call it giving up. They say we haven’t tried everything. They say it’s no solution to tyranny, but a surrender. They cry that we must join some Effort, get behind some Cause. And sometimes we do.

But these days, the number one job for We the Free is to create while the empire crumbles. Our job is to live in a way that builds a new reality in the ruins of the old.
As is so typical for Claire, this is just exactly what a weary mind sometimes needs reminding about.  (And bonus points for linking back to Nock, at just the time when I need it.)

Duly noted, and carrying on.

* As of this writing, the original Examiner article is still valid;  they keep telling me it's going to get pulled, and maybe someday it will be.  After which, it is still reproduced at the above Rifleman Savant link.

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