Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you understand?

From The Agitator, two realities:
The Los Angeles Times: Angry Anaheim Crowd Threw Bottles at Police, Set Fires on Streets

Reason: Anaheim Cops Shoot Rubber Bullets, Unleash Dog on Crowd Protesting Police Shooting

One would scarcely know they were talking about the same thing.

And via Claire, yet another installment of "heads-I-win-tails-you-lose":
Wow. Just wow. Put yourself in this position: You inherit a multi-media work by a famous artist. However, because of the media used, the federal government forbids you to sell it. You’d go to prison if you did. So every appraiser says its value is $0. Ah, but not the IRS. They not only want millions in taxes, but the penalties are heaping up and up and up …

In our post-absurd world, it's quite possible that "the tax grown-ups at the IRS" will decide, in their infinite benevolence and grace, to publicly tut-tut about the unfortunate circumstance here and "grant" this case a pass--and then revel not only in their freshly updated kinder, gentler image, but also their total absolution from having been spotted being thugs in the first place. 

Any questions here?

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