Monday, February 6, 2012

The unexpected hazard

A point of amusement tonight.

Okay, so I confess I don't suspect there are all that many fingerstyle guitarists that also practice serious pistol presentation drills.  I could be wrong, I suppose--and if any such get around to reading this, you may want to put your beverage down;  you've been warned.

I'm not a fingerstyle guitarist yet;  with my sharply limited time I can hardly manage to get serious about anything right now.  But it's an intense interest of mine;  spurred on by inspirations like this, this, and this. Now, one of the features of that kind of tone seems to be a precision in the fingernails, and I've been experimenting with trying to "do this naturally" for a while.  (It's a frustrating endeavor as all sorts of perfectly normal activities can readily shatter a few weeks' worth of patience.)

Anyway, there you are.  I can't see myself with the franken-nails of some of the practitioners in the genre, but you absolutely do get some spectacular tone out of artificial harmonics with them, so I continue to experiment until I have enough time to get serious.  And so my right hand fingernails are a bit longer than most dudes'.  Most of the time.

Now for comfort, I have always employed an undershirt when practicing pistol presentation.  It's better all around, but mostly I like how it lets the hand find the most solid grip no matter how sweaty or rotund I may be, by gliding evenly over fabric instead of skidding haphazardly over skin.

Today, I took an opportunity for practice right after bathing my five-month-old.  I'd stripped off outer shirts and was left in just the undershirt, which was pulled out in places from some of the necessarily awkward and sometimes one-handed operations.  It struck me as a good set of sub-optimal conditions to practice with.  So, after handing off the wee miss to Mom, I repaired to the practice area, made ready for dry-fire, and ran a couple of presentations as-is.  This went great.  At that point I thought I'd then try the challenge of pulling out the rest of the undershirt and using that as a cover garment.  (No concealment, for sure, but a specific challenge for presentation.)

And so I performed a Hackathorn Rip.


I'm happy to say that the shot broke correctly--about one second before the nerve endings started to scream.  It will probably take a few days for the belt-line divots to dry up and heal.

Why yes, I will continue to employ an undershirt for daily wear.  :-)

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