Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just in case you thought ATF's 'Gunwalker' was the only false flag game running right now...

...noo, no no.  Rest assured, many such games are in play at any one time;  Master does not put all his, er, cojones in one basket.

Among the worst must be the specific propaganda exercise designed to shore up the public's lukewarm enthusiasm to wage the Establishment's currently-desired war.  It seems that too many decent people are just not convinced that "jihadist Muslims" are hiding behind every rock and bush in modern America, ready to strike at a moment's notice for no other reason than "they hate our freedom".

This cannot do.  One can hardly prosecute a proper war without the general public whipped into the appropriate frenzy over whoever it is we're supposed to be hatin' on (today).  And so, in the relentlessly unimaginative tradition of all governments, that which does not exist naturally will be supplied by fraud and deception.  (With your tax dollars:  fraud and deception on this scale don't come cheap!)

That is:  there is no crime, so they manufacture one.  There is no criminal, so they manufacture that too.  Anything in service of the objective, which is the one thing nobody is allowed to question.

This is precisely what Gunwalker is:  a false flag operation specifically designed to generate popular support for a political objective.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the FBI does its own part to make sure that we all know, know that the "jihadis" are around every streetcorner, presenting such a grave and immediate danger that we really should just pony up the cash and the rubberstamp and go kill us some more ragheads, or at the very least, terrorize our own selves by deputizing the Department of Fatherland Security (have we just started calling it that yet?) to go root 'em out of our own neighborhoods for us.  That this streetcorner threat just doesn't seem to be, you know, true, is no problem for the professional liars and racketeers of our government, and so these "jihadis" need to be invented.  There is a greater purpose to be served here, people!

Listen to the invaluable William Norman Grigg on precisely this point:

As U.S. District Judge Collee McMahon remarked during a March 24 post-conviction hearing, "The FBI did not infiltrate a plot. There was no plot." That is, there was no plot on the part of the railroaded defendants. That there was a plot on the part of the FBI and its pet provocateur is indisputable. This would appear to be a perfect specimen of the process of "radicalizing" Muslims, which His Holiness Peter King, Inquisitor General of the Homeland Security State, considers to be the most acute existing threat to life, limb, and virtue.

In fact, the infiltration of mosques by Federal terrorism "facilitators" is the dominant form of "radicalization" taking place today. Similar efforts on the part of authentic Muslim militants may well be underway, but the FBI has refined the relevant techniques into a science.

Most American Muslims who refuse to cooperate with the Feds aren't trying to conceal subversives from the authorities; they're trying to avoid contact with the FBI's ever-growing pool of provocateurs and informants. The frame-up of the "Newburgh 4" splendidly illustrates the wisdom behind the decision not to cooperate with the Homeland Security apparatus, which will exploit any opportunity to manufacture a "terrorism plot."

This is a tiny excerpt from a superlative article (typical of Grigg);  go, read it all.  The parallels to Gunwalker are striking, and obvious.

And yet somehow, the propagandists' strategy continues to appeal to too many otherwise astute and aware people.  There has lately been a depressingly tribal clamor, even among those otherwise well-dedicated to exposing the criminal advance of our own state against its people, that this is different--that somehow, because it's Islam, the usual rules somehow do not apply.  It's just different, you see--people "in the service of Islam" have been observed to do (ready for this?) ruthless things.  I have even read the phrase that we just need to "wipe Islam off the face of the earth", and several others that announce the same idea.

This is where I apparently get all "extreme" again.  If that is not the very essence of a "became what I beheld" moment,
what in the holy living fuck is?

And so, for anyone who cannot bring himself to believe that the "Muslim Menace" is just another highly manufactured, propagandized false flag, in just exactly the same tradition as every other baited entanglement both foreign and domestic (and we could be here all night just listing 'em, from Randy Weaver and Waco and certainly Gunwalker, to Gulf of Tonkin and FDR's overt jones to save his empire by killin' some Japs to...everything else), listen again to Grigg (the devout Christian Grigg, I might add, lest anyone accuse the man of Islamic favoritism):

In fact, in every recorded instance in which the persecution of Muslims was addressed, Cromitie maintained that he was willing to leave vengeance in God's hands, trusting that justice would be done on Judgment Day; it was Hussain, the Feds' well-compensated veteran provocateur, who consistently peddled a "warped" religious belief in criminal violence against the innocent.

Cromitie had already spent a dozen years behind bars by the time the Feds targeted him for their provocation op. His most recent stint came after he was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover narcotics operative behind a school. The narc most likely chose that location because of federal sentence enhancements: For someone who makes a living enticing people into committing drug offenses, getting a repeat offender to sell drugs near a school is the equivalent of a Scrabble maven playing "z" on the triple letter score square.

Like everything else of consequence done in the name of counter-terrorism, the Newburgh 4 case was staged for the institutional benefit of the Homeland Security State and the individual career advancement of a handful of FBI agents, federal prosecutors, and one exceptionally squalid informant.

One very telling indication of the perverse priorities at work here is found in the fact that the FBI actually intervened to prevent the arrest of David Williams, Cromitie's co-defendant, on larceny charges so that they could bust him as part of their contrived terrorist plot.

What political profit would result from allowing local authorities to prosecute Williams on a charge involving an actual property crime? On the other hand, arresting him as part of a black Muslim terrorist cell -- now, there's a bust with a high Q rating. Or, to recur to the Scrabble analogy, that's like playing the "z" tile on the triple word score square at the intersection of two fifteen-letter words.

I just do not know how it can be better stated than that.

The mechanics of the State's murderous charades are the same, all the time, and Gunwalker and the "Muslim Menace" both serve just exactly the same purpose and master.  The minute, the very instant, that we allow "...but this is different" to enter our vocabulary seriously, we ensure that nothing different will ever actually happen.

See, there are people who would be just thrilled to go wipe a religion off the face of the earth "on our behalf".  And go rooting around your neighborhood finding incipient threats "on our behalf".  In order to do it well, there's just a few compromises they'll need us to make...

These outcomes neatly solve every problem they have, and it's all they ever wanted from you.


Anonymous said...

What's most interesting to me is the demonization of perhaps benign muslims, while the other hand militarily supports the ones that are actively engaged in various theaters across the globe fighting the US (I speak here of the Libyan rebels).

While we entrap perhaps peaceful people here at home, we respond to AL-Qaeda's call to arms in Libya.

See here for my take.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

AP, I thought that was brilliantly said (enough so that I didn't bother to comment--which is saying something for me! :-)

I'm with you on the dichotomy there. That sort of absurdity is Voltaire-worthy, but entirely emblematic of where we're at in the present day.

By the day I become more convinced that our adventuring in Libya is designed specifically to make sure that nobody gets the dangerous idea that governments can topple from within. Regime change by imperial adventure, black eye that it is, is preferable to the more radical idea that people could initiate change themselves. (This theory would have it that Egypt and Tunisia simply happened too fast for the monster to work with, but since then, the machine has been put in place to remind us that only governments can topple other governments. (Note that I'm not saying anything, here, about the validity of either faction in Libya--only the mechanics of the struggle.)

At home, of course, things are so bad that the Establishment desperately needs a war, any war, to get the heat off and to prop up the destroyed economy yet again. They're just at it in all the ways they can manage--from "domestic terrorists" and their evil guns (THIS is a job for...The Gunwalker Man!), to whatever foreign menace they can effectively manufacture. (It certainly helps, in that latter regard, to have been pissing people off worldwide for many generations. Lots of irons in the fire.)

Anonymous said...


I like this:

"By the day I become more convinced that our adventuring in Libya is designed specifically to make sure that nobody gets the dangerous idea that governments can topple from within. Regime change by imperial adventure, black eye that it is, is preferable to the more radical idea that people could initiate change themselves"

I agree also with your comments on the mechanics of the struggle, rather than "who's right".

Re: islam and other misc. bogeymen...

I take a very harsh stand against militant, expansionist, genocidal conversion-or-die islam. I also take a harsh stance against the same (in my opinion) as expressed in the old testament. I'd oppose it as offensively as possible if it were militant cat worship.

I definitely oppose any government getting involved in determining what religions are and are not "legitimate" or "allowed".