Thursday, July 6, 2017

Please, stop. I need taller boots for this.

So by complete accident, I recently failed to avoid noticing this:

I try, you see, but sometimes it's just inevitable.


Sometimes I'm tempted to wonder if it is even theoretically possible for this crowd to be more sanctimoniously self-absorbed and haughtily tone-deaf than they already are.  But the very minute I consider even entertaining the thought, the Weaponize Arrogance Now! crowd comes through once again, like the finely honed machine that it is.

"Can Satire Save the Republic?"  Oh, you mean from the hive mind's metastasizing singularity of abdicated intelligence masquerading as wit and self-arrogated moral superiority over an undifferentiated mass of people they utterly and totally refuse to understand on any level beyond that of a toddler at meltdown?  Well, you know, as an art form, actual satire just might be able to accomplish that--if, you know, it were done well, and pointed at the right target.

And so here they are, this professionally smarter-than-thou crowd, as usual presuming that they've got it all figured out.  Just a little more ridicule and those stupid hicks and cousin-humping rednecks will surely see the light.  It's so self-evidently obvious!  And then we'll be able to avoid all this electoral ugliness next time.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but JFC, so many of these people are committed to their onanistic displays of wanton superiority and intrasquad virtue-signaling.  It's bad enough that we've been burdened with the Deep State in the first place, and then with this latest buffoon to figurehead it, without having also to deal with this worse buffoonery of the overeducated useful idiot whose understanding of utopian ideology and elevated sense of self-importance vastly outpaces his understanding of real people in meatspace.

Hell, they don't even understand that the Current Occupant is an intentional buffoon, and yet from what I can tell, they crow with stunningly pathetic pride at all their oh-so-very-clever takedowns of what may be the ultimate straw man.

And man, is it annoying when I then sound (to myself at least) like I'm somehow defending that smarmy buffoon, or his "supporters", or even "the Republic" itself.  I'm not, of course.  But this hive-mind gambit--to somehow manage to be worse than all that, with new levels of sanctimonious smuggery backed up by childishly facile tone-deafness in practice--is, at least arguably, working.


Kent McManigal said...

I completely understand. Completely.

MamaLiberty said...

I find myself ignoring most supposed "libertarian" news and commentary now, as I have the insane "left/right" versions for ever so long. The left and right are the two wings on the big bird of prey, and the LP has managed to qualify as the tail feathers. Same bird, same goal= control.

I've given this a lot of thought lately... and we have all said much the same things from time to time. I think that the major harm does not come from the "extremists" of muslims or whoever. In fact, they call attention to the problems more often than not. The real problem is the much larger population of those who get along just fine with most of the tyranny, even if they don't like it much, because they actually believe in the AUTHORITY of the various governments and religions. This belief in the authority is the ongoing major RELIGION of the world, regardless of the names or history.

Independent, self governing people do not accept or believe in this authority of one set of people over another. They may personally consent to some sort of overall authority - those who believe in a personal "god" - but they are consenting as individuals. It is the imposition of outside authority, against one's will, that is the problem with all organized religions, including the worship of the STATE.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I'm tempted to wonder if it is even theoretically possible for this crowd to be more sanctimoniously self-absorbed and haughtily tone-deaf than they already are" You must be looking in the mirror.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Pretty pathetic phone-in effort there, Trollnonymous.