Sunday, December 6, 2015


Man, is it a tiresome time.  We seem to be in one of those periods in which the perfectly inevitable disasters of the disarmament mindset are in crescendo, and the professional crisis exploitation crowd is in a feeding frenzy to match any in history.  Allusions to Solzhenitsyn and the Milton Mayer chorus just seem to write themselves out of daily events.  The level of dehumanization is reaching the point of inspiring genuine alarm among the historically literate.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, another irony hit me today:  simple blowback.  The fear of the psychotically paranoid actualized;  become real.  Many of us talk about blowback in terms of State policy overseas:  e.g., maybe it shouldn't be too surprising that if we go to someone else's country, blow a bunch of people and property up for no really good reason, plant the flag and change everything recognizable about the place, and pat ourselves on the back afterward as world saviors..."we" just might radicalize some of the, er, "affected" into wanting to return our attentions back onto us.  Right?

And so here we have the disarmament zealots, thoroughly committed to dehumanizing gunnies at every turn (e.g., "ammosexuals", "paranoid wackjobs", tackle-deprived overcompensators, "unhinged gun nuts", etc.);  shouting down all remaining avenues of public communication and discourse;  using any end-run, procedural shenanigan, facile sophistry, dirty trick, or strong-arm method available to assert themselves over people who haven't harmed anyone and who simply want to be left alone...

...they move in on a territory they do not understand and do not wish to understand;  they demonize and lay waste to what to them is an alien culture and people;  and then they brag sanctimoniously to everyone on the planet about how morally upstanding and superior they are...  Just listen to them go on and on about the evils of profiling, intolerance, bigotry, and giving in to a paranoid fear of The Other...

Wait, this is sounding familiar, isn't it?

They claim vast popular support to go with their self-evidently superior social engineering.  With every new real-world failure of their thinking (i.e., when the obvious happens in a "gun-free zone" again), they double-down with ever more puerile attempts to slut-shame everyone who didn't do it.    They verily broadcast their complete ignorance of the people they would dominate, by going to great lengths to elevate an arguably de facto ally into...well, The Great Satan...while blithely ignoring the reality that the NRA "represents" gunnies in exactly the same way that politicians "represent" their constituencies.

And when, after so many years of relentless badgering, deceiving, and above all threatening (with the guns of the State, of course--an irony utterly lost on many), some of the uppity and ungrateful peasants actually get fed up enough to misbehave slightly (e.g., noncompliance/disobedience, public protest, discourse response in kind, etc.),  our moral superiors respond by noting the radicalization of their "target market" (ahem) as an alarming trend that only validates their crusade in the first place.

Again, it's like we've heard that before...

Tell us again, O wise and benevolent Prozis, just how horrible it is that the Bu'ushists* created all that blowback that now threatens us with world war.  With their intolerant bigotry, their jingoistic crusade for domination, and their self-appointed moral superiority.

Those inhuman war lovers.  Dehumanizing peaceable people like that.

Radicalizing peaceable people like that.

* Because of course it was the Bu'ushists, alone.  We all know that nothing of that kind happened before or since.  That damned moral certainty of theirs!


MamaLiberty said...

Indeed, and well put Kevin. It's a real shame that most hypocrites simply can't see their own hypocrisy. Even if someone spells it out for them.

And they never will, of course, since everything is predicated on their "feelings," and nothing else much matters to them. All of our logical and rational rebuttals fall on deaf ears.

So, I have only one answer these days: NO. I have no responsibility for how you feel.

And if they press I tell them: If you send people to confiscate our guns, we will kill them the same as we would any other attacking predator.

End of discussion.

Paul Bonneau said...

I don't know, all that stuff just rolls off me like water off a duck's back. If they want war, they will get it good and hard, that's all. Think of it as removing idiots from the gene pool.

I thought the rulers were too smart to try a confiscation, but that appears to be what they are working themselves up to (although Obama's latest is a very faint echo of that).

Here's a little something I just wrote, in case you haven't seen it already:

"Meanwhile, Down at the Gun Confiscation..."