Monday, April 13, 2015

When Joel 'pos[es] as a really smart person'...

...something worth reading is often seen to follow.  It's a curiously reliable phenomenon.

And so here he vamps on the Sisyphean futility of "solving" "the police problem" by...policing the police.  My paraphrase:  it's a great idea and all in concept, but in the end, it seems about as likely to produce its advertised result as this:

Anyone who says religion is dead clearly does not understand the meaning of the word.

I'm with you, Joel--if people continue to insist that we must have enforcers (thereby conflating the abuse of power with the power to abuse), let's by all means hamstring them with everything possible, including body cameras, duct tape and ideally a legion of crusading Serpicos. 

Just don't expect that any replacement mirage of Unicorn Ass, in the above image, is going to materially change the fantasy.

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