Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'll try not to make a habit of this...

...but since the legions of Never Forget! Army soldiers dutifully continue to remind us, continually, of That Event What Made Us Lose Our Shit Completely And Beg For Total Tyranny Really We Like It We Luv It We Wants Some Moar Of's kinda hard to avoid.

And so I ran across this article of a few years ago, from the tenth "anniversary" of the (latest) Great Enabling Event.  It's interesting, in the same way that I now recall all the revelations that came out of the Waco massacre were interesting.  It reminds me that I'm firmly in the camp of "I've Got No Idea What Really Happened, And Neither Do You, And The Only Thing I Know For Sure Is That The Official Story(TM) Is Bullshit, Because 'Official Story(TM)'".  It even seems reasonably done, which is not something that I can say for others in the genre.  Worth a bookmark, at least for me.

But this post isn't about the article itself.  What caused me to pipe up on this Sacrosanct Day Of Remembrance (send money and votes, plebes!) was the thoroughly amusing video reference in the article's end notes:

Some people do understand how to do style.  I usually find the rapid-fire delivery aggravating, but it seems to work here.

And now it's marked here, for future reference.

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Paul Bonneau said...

Yeah, that's an excellent video. Let's spread it around, folks.

Sometimes I get the impression the ruling class folks compete with each other to concoct the most ridiculous stories possible, just to see how much BS we will swallow. It must be pretty funny for them, even though it eventually causes thousands to die. They don't care about that, of course.