Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Claire. Read.

America's UberGovernment.  And the rest of us.

But that goes only so far. Keep that up for a few years and one day you’ve got no friends left at all. And then you’re surrounded. By us. And by millions more who never thought they’d be at such a point in all their lifetimes.

But remember: you started it. We didn’t. We wouldn’t. We’re better than that. But once you’ve weakened yourself with your own voracious secret keeping, your gluttony for data, your excesses in the cause of Control — we will damn well finish you.

I understand the angst.  Hopefully enough people will "get it" in time that we can simply walk away from the dickheads...but I know that may not be the way to bet.  Some people are...committed to their fantasies.

For them, Claire.  And Vanderboegh.  And Larken:

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MamaLiberty said...

Nope... much as I would prefer it, and hope it can still happen, I remain convinced that the slavers and thieves will never willingly or even grudgingly leave us alone.

The "tiny dot" has far, far too many of the larger dots convinced that they can't survive without theft and coercion... and far too many are enthusiastically willing to participate.