Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Con brio.

I may not understand how this man could have willingly been a soldier and law enforcement officer in the first place, serving what seem to be predictable masters, but this is an extraordinarily powerful demonstration of the ire-of-the-betrayed, and it seemed worth documenting here.

Aaron Weiss seems to have served in perfectly good faith, and is pissed at what his current "leaders" have made of his efforts.  He seems to be on sturdy moral ground, and presents an excellent witness.

More of that, please.  Especially from within Leviathan's own ranks.  Much more of that, please.


UPDATE:  Thanks to Joel for outing a limited link URL.  Originally I thought this was a public-facing Facebook URL, but apparently it's not.  I'll try a direct-embed as a test, and may try to seek a transcript as well.

IMMEDIATE 2ND UPDATE:  Well, double-dog drat.  It is the video itself that retains the privacy settings;  apparently I can see it (probably through the "friends of friends" at some level)...Okay then, let's hit DuckDuckGo with a quick search...

IMMEDIATE 3RD UPDATE:  Much better.  This (which is now also the primary link and embed above) seems to be a common source for at least a few other entries that each seem to be suitably public-facing.  Interestingly, it also appears this was recorded back in March, and is just making the rounds now.  Don't think that changes anything, but it's a data point.


Joel said...

Since it's facebook and requires registration, could you possibly give us an excerpt?

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Sorry about that, Joel. From the look of it I assumed that the Facebook link I saw first was public, but apparently not. Fortunately, les Internets did provide, and hopefully you can see it now. :-)