Monday, June 24, 2013

Larken Rose: It Can't Happen Here

This is the sort of work that Larken Rose was meant to do.  If it's sad and disgusting that such a work needed to be made, at least it's encouraging that there are people like Rose willing to do it.

It's a full ninety minutes and change--with no fluff.  The boy comes out swinging and continues right to the end, and the only pauses in the vocal narrative are for the reading of screenprinted quotations.

It's excellent.  The most glaring thing that I can muster is that there are just enough Alex Jones-y references to offer an easy excuse to those who want it*;  dismissing Rose on that basis would of course be a blindingly obvious cop-out, for anyone who can make honest notes of the diversity of references offered, but some are quite impressively committed to their ignorance.

Watch.  Share with people who need to confront it.

* For the record, I know little enough about Jones that I can't defend an opinion one way or another, so I try not to.  What I do know is that the very name seems to be enough to switch certain people off, even if he might be perfectly accurate in a given case.

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MamaLiberty said...

I can share it, and will. I do trust Rose, even though I have no use for Alex.

I do wish these things could be offered with transcripts as well as video. My hearing impairment makes playing the video pointless. sigh