Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And now with the chest-thumping and sour-pussing...

So it appears, at least via Claire and Codrea, that the Gottlieb-endorsed Manchin-Toomey preemptive sellout has failed in the gameplay stage.  (Be still, my heart.)

I'm sure this means we'll get to hear about how steely-eyed and brilliant the ultimate showdown was--on both sides.  Our noble "protectors" will crow of their chess victory, which of course they intended all along (send more money!), and the foisted "underdogs" will whine, shed a tear for continuing to fight the good fight, and get their next hate on (send more money!).  And the Tyranny Threat Alert indicator can go back down from "Vaporization White" to the more subdued "Incandescent Orange" (that's "normal", for the credulous, who may not know their terms).

I've already seen "Shame on you, US Senators." in my Facebook feed, and oh gawd, I know there's going to be a lot more of that to come.  A big part of any well-organized propaganda campaign, after all, is a professional-quality mourning strategy in the event of a setback, both to keep visible crocodile tears flowing, and (probably more importantly) to lay a fresh new claim on the "moral high ground" for the next sortie.*

I've been thinking about the proper response to this "shame on you" sentiment, and I think I've at least got an image that works, if perhaps not the ideal wording.  (Suggestions are of course welcome.)

How's this?

A failure to consummate gun control at the point of voting, is like a failure to penetrate during a sexual assault.  To bemoan or applaud the "technical failure" is to legitimize the attack in the first place, ignoring the fundamental nature of a crime of dominance;  just as rape is not "about the sex", so gun control has never been about "the public safety".  

I might forgive someone for feeling momentarily relieved--the outrage fatigue is strong--but I'm not in much of a mood to tolerate "happy".

* And of course there will be a "next sortie", as sure as the sun will rise in the east in the morning.  Political systems don't just enable that, they make it absolutely inevitable.

As to that:  anyone want to bet against something else happening right about now?  After all, Friday will mark twenty years of "not an assault", which worked so very well then;  why not a little extra push now from one of those ambiguous entries in the SPLC's "who to hate" catalog?


MamaLiberty said...

Just a coincidence, of course.

5 to 15 killed, 160 wounded in 'devastating' Texas chemical plant blast

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Oh yeah. And the Boston bombing too.

Imagine that. Not one, but two made-to-order "all hail the noble protectors" cases for the ATF, the very week of the twentieth Waco-versary.

But you know me. Fellow heretic and all. :-)

MamaLiberty said...

Begins to look as if the Texas thing was truly an accident, but that doesn't mean the MSM and others won't attempt to use it for their own agenda, of course.

Texas fertilizer plant also stored explosive chemical used in Oklahoma City bomb

The fertilizer storage facility that exploded this week in the town of West, Texas, had informed a state agency in February that it was storing up to 270 tons of ammonium nitrate – the highly explosive chemical compound used in the domestic terror attack on the Oklahoma City federal building.