Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.

Hat tip to ClaireThis is quite interesting.  Former NSA "senior executive" turns whistleblower;  is prosecuted for it;  interviews with Abby Martin at Russia Today.  Here's Thomas Drake:

He's an interesting witness, and for some people this might be quite powerful.  You have to put aside some of the tooth-gnashing statements he does make (including another installment of the aggravating "giving" rights fiction);  keep in mind that he did after all, at some point, agree to be employed by the NSA--so we probably shouldn't expect Rothbardian libertarianism to spew forth.  And at any rate there is still a whole lot in here that Master would really rather you not hear, regardless--so it's certainly useful.

It's good to see that RT is still unafraid of performing actual journalism, since the US industry any more seems to be interested only in "legitimate media" urinealism.  (Take a moment to savor the deep irony of that.)

Let's hope that Mr. Drake doesn't find one of these in his pocket tomorrow morning.

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